Subscriber management

Managing your subscribers is no longer a headache. Adding and removing subscribers takes seconds and iTelegraph handles all the nasty stuff like bounces and unsubscribe requests automatically.

List Management

List management made easy

We've designed the interface to help you get the most common things done fast. Adding a new subscriber, removing an old one and seeing new subscribers are only a click away.

Import & Export

Simple import and export

iTelegraph’s importing tool walks you through the process of importing an existing list from almost any source. We automatically remove duplicates for you and even remember who unsubscribed and bounced - removing any risk of annoying your subscribers.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe

Subscribe and unsubscribe forms

A great way of capturing new subscribers is through a subscribe form. With iTelegraph, this is as easy as copying and pasting some code into your web site. We can even customise any landing pages so the entire subscribe process stays on your web site. We’re very happy to help you with this if you’d like us to.