Only ever pay for what you send with NO hidden fees and NO monthly subscriptions.

Just pay for the initial setup (see the templates section below) and a $10 per campaign fee then each email you send can be as low as 2c. We consider any campaign with less than 5 recipients to be a test, so it’s not charged.

Lets look at a quick example

You’re sending a campaign to...

Recipients Campaign fee Cost per email Total
1000 $10.00 3.5c $45.00
10,000 $10.00 2.5c $260.00
100,000 $10.00 2c $2010.00

Bulk rate discounts exist, please contact us to find out more.

Prefer a low flat monthly rate, with no send limit?

If you'd prefer the freedom to send as many campaigns as you like, you can select the monthly flat rate. The rate will depend on the size of your total recipient list so get in touch and we'll show you how cost effective this can be.

Templates, set me up!

You have a few of options here, as always we’re flexible.

Option 1

Use one of ours

For $200.00 you can use one of our fantastic templates which we’ll customise (logo & colours) to match your business or corporate identity

Option 2

Use your own design

From $500.00 we’ll convert it in to an email template, load it in to iTelegraph and you’re ready to send

Option 3

We’ll design one for you

From $1500 we can have you up and running with an awesome custom designed template

* All pricing is Australian GST exclusive because we have international customers. So if you’re in Oz please add 10% to all quoted prices.